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Bissel Carpet Cleaner

$12.19/48 fl.oz.
Bissel Fiber Cleansing with Scotchgard Protector is a general purpose cleaning formula which deodorizes and refreshes carpets and upholstery by penetrating deep into fibers to break down stubborn dirt, stains, and odors. The advanced formula deep cleans and resists dirt and stains with exclusive Scotchgard protector. Simply pour this cleaner into your Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech vacuum and watch as the formula penetrates through your carpet to refresh it back to its original luster. As it is formulated with Scotchgard Protector, it is proactive in preventing the stains and soiling that come from everyday use. As it is to be used with your vacuum, it is sure to get down deep into your carpet's fiber to do the job.

$14.38/48 fl.oz.
Bissell Pet Odor and Soil Removal with Scotchgard Protector is for anyone who has a pet in their family. The Pet Odor and Soil Removal formula is designed with the Pet Lover in mind to penetrate fibers and break down difficult pet odors. It cleans away tracked in dirt and stains, while adding stain and soil protection. Whether it is urine, dander, mud, or another stain, the Pet Odor and Soil Removal formula is designed to penetrate deep into your carpet's fiber to loosen and remove the material that leaves unsightly scars on your carpet. This formula is designed to be used with the Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech vacuum for maximum cleaning ability. There is no reason for man's best friend and your carpet to not get along with Bissell's Pet Odor and Soil formula.

$14.69/48 fl.oz.
Bissell Multi-Allergen Removal with Scotchgard Protector is specially formulated for allergy sufferers. The cleaning action of the Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech vacuum and the Bissell Multi-Allergen Removal formula helps clean and remove dust mite waste, pet, and pollen allergens. It also contains Scotchgard protector that resists dirt and stains. With Bissell's cleaning technology and Scotchgard protection, the Multi-Allergen Removal formula is prefect for those who suffer from allergies but love to have wonderful looking carpet without having it retain harmful allergens. This product alongside with Bissell's ProHeat Pro-Tech vacuum ensure that the product seeps deep in the carpet to clean it to a fresh, clean state.

$14.38/8 fl.oz.
Bissell Scotchgard Carpet & Upholstery Protector Cartridge provides extra protection against dirt and tough stains to carpet and upholstery. It is easy to use with the Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech vacuum deep cleaning machines: just twist, snap, and protect. This concentrated forumla makes cleaning easier and protects two average size rooms (200 square feet). The Scotchgard protector cartridge can only be applied with the Bissell applicator tool which is available with your Bissell ProHeat Pro-Tech vacuum.